Integrating Technology in Fifth Grade

Creative Educator lesson plans can help you get your fifth-graders reengaged with content learning through high-level projects that ask them to apply what they know.

Many 5th-grade students are ready to take on the world. Tap into their burgeoning passions with projects meant to solve problems and be shared with the community.

Depending on your student's abilities, you may also want to explore fourth-grade and sixth-grade lesson plans.

Modernize a Fairy Tale

Modernize a Fairy Tale

Students learn about key elements of a fairy tale as they retell a fairy tale in modern times.

Personification Stories

Personification Stories

Students will personify an object and write a story as part of an online book or animated adventure.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

Students will write and illustrate an original narrative in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure interactive story.

Stretching the truth idiom

Idiomatically Speaking

Students will illustrate the meaning of an idiom to help others learn these examples of figurative language.

Korean Silk image from Joseon Dynasty

Spectacular Sijo

In this lesson, students read and learn about the Korean form of sijo poetry and then write and illustrate their own sijo poems.

My Superhero

My Superhero

Students introduce a new hero to the world through an ID card and comic.

Design a Book Cover

Design a Book Cover

Students create a new cover design for a book they are reading to demonstrate comprehension and explore character, plot, setting, symbolism, and conflict.

image of judge's gavel on pile of books

Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

In this lesson, students build visual literacy and engage in close reading as they investigate the text and imagery on book covers to evaluate whether they are worth reading.

image of books in a series

Take Reading SERIESly

In this lesson, students investigate the potential of a book's characters, plot and themes and develop a proposal for turning it into a series.

artwork of book burning by Fiza Kamran

Save from the Flames

In this lesson, students share why they would save a specific book from the "firemen" in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

Character Scrapbook

Character Scrapbook

Students will create a digital scrapbook that showcases the viewpoint of the main character.

image of an interview microphone

Interview a Book Character

In this lesson, students craft an interview with a character from a book they are reading to demonstrate comprehension.

image of front of vocubulary trading card for the word verdant

Vocabulary Trading Cards

In this lesson, students create vocabulary trading cards that use images to help other students master the meaning of new words.

Create a Card Game

Create a Card Game

Students create a card game based on the storyline of a book they are reading.

Book trailers

Book Trailers

Students will develop a movie-style trailer for a book they have read.

Persuasive and Presidential Writing

Persuasive and Presidential Writing

Students learn persuasive writing and presentation skills.

Persuade with Emotional Appeals

Persuade with Emotional Appeals

Students will build persuasive skills and media literacy as they explore techniques of propaganda and develop commercials that persuade viewers.

Donít Let the Earth Down

Don’t Let the Earth Down

Students will write persuasively on a conservation issue and create a public service announcement to promote their cause.

Create a Visual Poem

Create a Visual Poem

Students will create a visual, or video, poem as they analyze the imagery in a text.

image of ABCs

The ABC’s of …

In this lesson, students create an alphabet book to share knowledge and information they have learned, organizing their writing using the ABC’s.

Dream Room Design

Dream Room Design

Students will explore length, width, perimeter, and surface area as they design their dream room.

Soil Ė Diary of a Worm Comic

Soil - Diary of a Worm

Students create a media campaign to educate about the layers, components, inhabitants, and benefits of soil.

picture of person holding breaded chicken sandwich

Healthier School Lunches

Students will learn about nutrition and create a sample menu for a week of healthy school lunches.

image of gardening shed

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Students design a functional and beautiful garden for a particular audience, developing a scale model, determining costs and materials, and creating a guide explaining how to care for the garden.

upcycle icon around the earth


Students design and create upcycled products using materials collected at home and school.

It's My Body

It's My Body

Students will create a multimedia report about the systems of the human body.

image of US Constitution

Classroom Constitution

In this lesson, students write a classroom constitution to ensure everyone is treated fairly and to create a welcoming environment for sharing, growing and learning.

image of suitcase with travel stickers

Historical Travel Brochure

In this lesson, students share their knowledge about a time and place in history by creating a promotional travel brochure that provides information and an itinerary for a visit.

Map with pins and a magnifying glass.

Virtual Museum

In this lesson, students create an online museum for their community.

image of candles and lights

Commemorative Ceremonies

Students develop a ceremony to honor a person or commemorate an event in history.

The White House Cabinet room

The President's Team

In this lesson, students nominate literary characters for each seat in the President's cabinet.

Not Your Average Portfolio

Not Your Average Portfolio

Students will learn about the life of a famous person and create non-fiction porfolio about the individual.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Students will create a daily newspaper edition to learn about the politics and culture of ancient Rome.

image of travel postcards with come visit text

Tourism Trade Show

In this lesson, students develop materials to promote a specific region they are studying and make their pitch for a visit to this location at a tourism trade show.

Historical Journal

Historical Journal

Students will create a historical journal from a fictional character's point of view.

image of historical postcard from the Library of Congress

Postcards from the Past

In this lesson, students will create a collection of postcards that demonstrate how different people in the past may have viewed a single event or culture and analyze the range of perspectives in all class postcards to gain a deeper understanding of history.

Map It!

Map It!

Students will demonstrate map making skills as they create maps of the geographic features, regions, and economy of their state.

Image of SMART goal words

Set SMART goals

In this lesson, students set SMART goals for the coming school year, identifying action items they can complete to achieve them.

Image of clouds and sunspot

Create a Vision Board

In this lesson, students create a vision board to turn their goals into words and images that represent what life will look and feel like when they reach them.

image close up of a pop art montage with shoes

Pop Art Montage

In this lesson, students explore the work of Andy Warhol and create their own pop art montage.

image close up of a Hieronymous Bosch painting

Surreal Symmetry

In this lesson, students use symmetry to create bizarre creatures around a self-portrait and then write a poem about the image.

image of cat on tree in front of full moon

Spooky Silhouettes

In this lesson, students learn about silhouettes and combine silhouettes they have created with Halloween backgrounds to create spooky scenes.

Image of internet safety word cloud

Internet Safety Campaign

In this lesson, students create materials promoting Internet, or online, safety to raise awareness of this important issue at their school.

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